Monday, November 03, 2008

Champagne Dreams

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Back in '04 I bought some bottles of champagne for our election night celebration. I made the mistake of opening the bottles right at the beginning of the party. Since I hadn't been able to eat all day, due to nerves, when they declared Ohio for Bush I was pretty light headed and like we all did I felt like someone I loved had just died. It was awful.

I vowed that this year there would be no champagne involved in our election party, but it has suddenly occurred to me how pessimistic that is. After work today while Aida is playing soccer, Pablo and I will buy a few bottles for our gathering tomorrow. I tell you one thing though: they will not be opened until we know we have won.


ellenmac said...

The 70,000 people in Grant Park in Chicago tomorrow night will have no alcohol. Maybe hot chocolate. There was an article in yesterday's NYT about the preparations for the celebration.

Carleen said...

Colorado is a nervous wreck. I have figured out where my old beat-up trumpet is located in case it's needed on election night, but cannot yet bring myself to get it out. I remain hopefully anxious. Your blog rocks, little cousin.

Paida said...

Thanks big cuz.

Colorado WILL go blue. You can break out your trumpet the same time we bust open our champagne.

ze non-voting liberal said...

i think champagne is a must, however the timing is crucial! after the official word, you drink to celebrate or to forget ... i think tomorrow will be to celebrate. my bottle is in the fridge!

susan m said...

congratulations!! how's that champagne taste? :-)

Paida said...


I don't even mind the headache this morning - just reminds me how great it was last night.