Sunday, November 02, 2008

Photos from Obama Today

I did some calling for Obama tonight. It actually was really fun. I only got hung up on a couple of times and most people genuinely seemed happy and grateful I was calling.

Reading this piece by Chris Bowers about how much better the polls look now than in 2004 and watching all 5 political "experts" on ABC's This Week predict over 300 electoral college votes for Obama have made me feel pretty darn optimistic. I still often feel totally panicked, but when I think about it rationally, rather than being affected by my post-traumatic stress syndrome from '04, I really feel this year is ours. Yes we can. Yes we will.


ellenmac said...

Last night Alan walked through the living room and said to Rachel and me, "How can you stand to keep watching MSNBC so much?" Rachel's answer was a good one. She said, "I need constant reassurance." For the first time I understood why I was watching polls compulsively.

Caroline said...

I won't believe it till I hear McCain say "Congralations Obama!"