Monday, November 03, 2008

Stuffing my Face

Unlike in the days leading up to the '04 election where I couldn't eat for days, today my nerves are requesting that I constantly stuff my face with all the Halloween candy we have around work. We had a party on Friday and unfortunately for my waistline about 20 students played hooky from school so there are Butterfingers laying all over the place....


susan m said...

I'm keeping the bottle of Xanax close at hand and have been stuffing my face with chocolate constantly. I'll be in my art class Tuesday night but I'm asking Doug to text me updates.

Every time I see Obama on TV I think, I want this so badly. Our country needs this man to turn things around. Please, please, please let enough people realize this, and vote.

Anonymous said...

me too!

susan m said...

the stars are predicting an Obama blowout. Here's Barack's horoscope for today:

You enjoy working in group or team situations; there are special people in your work with whom you really enjoy working. You may be accepted as just the person for a particular job. If you have always been the follower, you may find yourself a leader today. As a leader, you could appoint a co-leader to help you plan and coordinate. Radical and inventive ideas hold the key to realizing your ambitions and advancing your status--a shake-up could be in the works. You draw emotional sustenance and a sense of security from friends who give you support. Your relationships and partnerships are very important to you. They are capable of transforming you at the most basic level. A time of real inner growth is encouraged through other people.

and McCain's:

This could be a time when everything around you seems to be in a state of change--your living situation particularly. You may feel that you are forever keeping the peace among family members and this would be a good time to find an evening in the schedule when everyone will be home. Report any difficulties as you see them and ask for help to create a friendlier atmosphere. This may bring an end to the problem or at least ease the problem. Change happens and in time the situation will become non-existent. Working through problems seems to be the order of the day and hard to avoid. You could receive unexpected help or support from someone or those around you. It is good you are understanding and can be helpful in the work place or at home.