Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Voting in West Hollywood

My fellow Decorah Senior High School Class of '88 member, and one of the few people to live within' a 2 mile radius of our house growing up, made a little voting video with his wife yesterday:


dkuroiwa said...

Hey there Lauren! Can you give me a way to see this video as I can't do videos anymore off of anyones blog if they use Blogger/YouTube!
Anyone else only seeing a square where the video "should" be?!?!
Had this trouble before? Any advice would be oh so very helpful as Blogger gave me zip...nada...ppphhhfffllllltttt.
Thanks...have a good one!!!

Paida said...

I will send you the link...


Leah said...

No way! Is that . . . ? Can it be . . . ? Josh Sliwa?! Wow, talk about a blast from the past! :)