Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Kos Says Obama has the Momentum

Kos, the uber-blogger, wrote a piece today titled; "Not a Tie" which makes a very convincing argument that Obama is very likely to win the nomination. If you are an Obama supporter you should read it. It will make you very happy:

Well, Clinton came nowhere near what she needed to do to build a strong delegate lead (and super delegates can change their mind, they're not locked in). Obama needed to survive, and he did more than that -- he outright won the night.

Now his job is to finish off Clinton. If he can rack up a full month of 20%+ victories the rest of this month, he does just that.

Barack the Vote Baby. {thanks to Tiveeda for telling me about the City College students putting banners with those words.}


Shawn said...

The stat on states each won by 60% is astounding. I love this, "...momentum toward the March contests will create an Obama tsunami."

mark said...

I dunno. Know that Rush is behind Clinton, things could be looking bad for Obama.

mark said...

Know. Now. Amazing what being away from a computer for a week does for your typing skills. :)