Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Turns Out Fox News said "America's Mayor" more than Rudy said 9/11

This is really funny - can you count how many times they said, "America's Mayor"? I lost count. Fox News backed Rudy BIG TIME - another thing to enjoy about his colossal flame-out.

Oh yeah, and Fox News is not doing so well these days.


mark said...

Is Nancy Grace on FOX? If she's not, she should be. I hate her (Leah loves her).

ma and pa otter said...

Mark, whoever you are, I am with you! Nancy Grace starts up the gag reflex the same way Bush does...different reasons to hate them...same feeling.

And fox will get what it deserves.

lydiafdc said...

How can anyone like Nancy Grace?

I love the line from that article: "Meaning, when the GOP catches a cold, everybody at Fox News gets sick."

Finally, some karmic comeupance!

Paida said...


Leah said...

Mark is a notorious DISSEMBLER! :) I do NOT love Nancy Grace, but I DO sometimes pause to watch the stories she's covering. I suppose it's voyeuristic of me. However, I find Nancy Grace totally obnoxious and ridiculous. Lauren, you know me well enough to know that I could never love Nancy.:)

ellenmac said...

I had confidence in Leah! I knew it couldn't be true!!!