Saturday, December 08, 2007

Hey Emil!

Your boyfriend is funny, from C&Ls:

And the well-deserved gold goes to Senator Mitch McConnell who–perhaps unwittingly–expressed the callousness for which the Republican party (and everyone else who enables the troops to stay in Iraq) feels about the troops they claim to support. Keith said it best:

"Senator, you need to resign. And then you need to go look for a soul so you can get it implanted in your body."



E'l Roy said...

I sure can pick 'em, can't I?

lydiafdc said...

Yup...he rocks!

Alison said...

I heart Keith Olbermann. *sigh*

E'l Roy said...

Hey! Hi Ali! Fancy seeing you here.
Lauren meet Alison. Alison, Lauren.
Alison is a Flickr friend of mine. She takes lovely photos.

Paida said...

Thanks for the intro Emil - but we already met. I did however follow a link from your blog!