Thursday, November 06, 2008

Kos on Prop 8

But for now, the flashpoint in the culture wars is gay rights, and I have to say, as wonderful as yesterday might've been, losing Prop 8 hit me hard. That California would vote for a black president with a margin of 61-37 and then shit on gays was horrifically disappointing. We have a long way to go. The anti-Prop 8 campaign wasn't helped by a shoddy operation that most observers who interacted with it admit was incompetent and ill-suited to wage a statewide campaign. While the Mormon Church flooded the state with ground troops for the fight, our side had no ground game. Inexcusable, but borne out of a complacency that I myself shared. No longer.

I admit, I was feeling run down yesterday, crawling across the finish line after a long marathon. Losing the Prop 8 battle has re-energized me. I'm ready for a rematch in 2010.

I'm ready too.


Amy said...

I am still in shock that this proposition passed. Shock! My 14 year old daughter asked me, "Why would someone vote yes on 8? What if one of their children is gay and just doesn't know it yet? What about equal rights? Why would gay people be treated differently? Aren't we all just people?" A 14 year old with a totally open heart, yet so many adults filled with ignorance. This must change.

Paida said...

I know! My 2 kids are the same way.

I really think a lot of people who voted yes really don't want their kids to think it is OK to be gay. I want my kids to be HAPPY. If they are gay then I want them to have the easiest time possible coming to terms with that. How sad for people who realize they are gay and are so ashamed.

Lets overturn this thing in 2 years!

lydiafdc said...

I'm ready! I have to say I was totaly sure it would be shot down too! Crazy mormons...ugh!