Monday, October 27, 2008


OMG We Got a New Kitten! II

OMG We Got a New Kitten! I

Aida and Tora

They can thank the mouse I saw crawl out from behind the fridge, cross the kitchen floor and disappear into our broom closet during the weekend.

Last night Eduardo said he heard a mouse under the bed in the night. I thought he was crazy - but I saw mouse poop under there this morning! We never had mice when we had a cat.

This morning I thought I would just "check" Craig's list. A woman was giving away a 10 week old kitten, food, and a litter box. She is 2 days overdue with her first baby so when her hubby brought home the kitten last week she was less than thrilled. When I went to pick her up the guy almost got tears in his eyes saying good-bye.

We named her Tora - which means Tiger in Japanese.


Christina said...

Oh congratulations! What a cutie pie. And EEEK about the mouse! I've the past, including one that camped out in my hall closet for a few days until I caught a whiff of evidence. Yeah..anyway..I now have two cats :-) Today is my girl kitty Amber's second birthday. She sends a meowing 'welcome' to Tora!

peponx said...

Yeah.... Nice kitty, but... the mouse, what happened to the mouse?
By any chance, Did Eduardo scream like a little girl? hahahahaha

Anonymous said...

Tora is adorable..didn't know Tora was Tiger in the movie Tora Tora Tora means Tiger Tiger Tiger!!??