Thursday, October 02, 2008

The Rock of Hate

San Diego's largest church, The Rock, is located right next door to the kid's school. It is a modern church founded by a former NFL player. I have been impressed with the diversity of the church members. However last night on the local news I discovered a reason to be far less than impressed.

Last night they held a "rally" last night to "protect" marriage. 3500 people attended and it was simulcast to hundreds of churches across the country. The church is actively involved with getting people to vote against the gay marriage referendum on the November ballot. So much for churches staying out of politics. Why they care so freaking much is beyond me. Here is an excerpt from their website about gay marriage

Q: Isn't banning gay marriage just like banning interracial marriage?
A: It's completely unrelated. Blacks who endured prejudice can't wake up in the morning and not be black. None of us can be counseled out of our race or ethnicity. But homosexual behavior is a choice, and countless gays and lesbians have left the homosexual lifestyle.

This has inspired me to get more active on the fight for equal marriage rights. Find out how you can help here.


mark said...

*sigh* I can't help but shake my head at stuff like this. San Diego's largest church, and there are *no* gay members? What're the odds? "Christians" like this give religion a bad name.

ma and pa otter said...

again...I can't wait to see "Religulous"!

Did you see his awesome interview on the Daily Show?

Anonymous said...

Maher on The Daily Show was a GEM.

Yeah, I've known The Rock was a bastion of hate for a very very long time. Every time I see that pastor get some publicity thanks to his former NFL career, I cringe.

Betsy said...


My two cousins are part of The Rock (if it is the same one in the Midwest) and it is one scary church!
They are such sweet people yet they have such wacked ideas!

See you soon!

Caroline said...

the rock was the talk of the town this morning at the theatre..seeing as we are a proud bastion of gaydom!!

Amy said...

Lauren I am a friend of Rhea's who is a dear friend of Annie's. I found your blog after checking out Annie's via Rhea's etc. etc. etc. Anywho, to the point....this makes me so sad that in 2008 this is still a discussion. If you love someone you love someone period. I am in an interracial marriage and there have been times that it hasn't been easy but at least I could legally marry the person I love. I am also a christian and the way I was raised and the God I worship loves everyone for who they are, end of story. Gay, straight, black, white, whatever, we should in 2008 ALL have the same right to marry the one we love.

Amy...Obama Momma