Sunday, September 28, 2008

Tell us how you Really Feel Jack.

Jack Cafferty from CNN rips into Palin. Good stuff. Good stuff.


ma and pa otter said...

this is my very favorite clip yet...I watched it with Mac and she said that Palin sounded like she was saying this, "bankers economy offsets the initial philosophy of terrorist bailout efforts for american families involving maverick diplomacy and earmarking pork spending to sufficiently see Putin from my bedroom, katie"

Mac does this when she's pretending to know what she's talking about by stringing together words to sound smart...Palin is as ready to lead this country as my 10 year old.

Palin is so talking out of her ass.

ellenmac said...

Holy cow! I didn't see SNL last night, but just saw the clip with Tina Fey saying EXACTLY THE SAME THINGS. Real life as satire of itself (or something like that). Everyone in my house is just hoping Biden can keep his answers short on Thursday night - I can't wait to see what the ratings on that debate will be.

Caroline said...

Wolf Blitzer: "it was not her best answer"...what the f...!! understatement of the year Wolf!

dkuroiwa said...

Seriously...this makes me want to cry because there are people out there that still believe, with their hearts, that McCain and that woman are the answer. To WHAT freakin' question?!?!
Please...please...let this keep happening because, even though it is oh so very painful to watch, she is bound to completely hang herself on WHATEVER it is she thinks she is saying.