Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Sarah Palin Freaks Me Out

Watching her speech right now. Don't like her. Not one bit.

Plus is it just me, or does that crowd seem like a sea of raving lunatics? I mean booing every time someone says, "community organizer." Just weird.

If she says "victory in Iraq is in our sights" one more time I am going to hurl.

To make tomorrow's speech tolerable check out this John McCain speech drinking game from Living Liberally.

Update: Kagro X has the Perfect description for Palin:

The church lady with the nukular button.

No wonder she freaks the hell out of me.


E'l Roy said...

I was listening on KPBS, so I was spared the visuals; but that didn't keep me from wanting to puke. My mom called while Giulliani was speaking (coincidence?), so I didn't get to enjoy his half-hour nonsense. I don't know if I could've handled it, though, after Romney's puke-bait. Huckabee was tolerable, but only because he followed Romney.

I don't get all the hullaballoo about what a great speaker Palin is--I wasn't impressed at all, and I find her voice repelling.

And did she really call herself (and "hockey" moms across the country) a pitbull? Those dogs are ugly, lipstick or not.

Annette L. said...

Indeed! Tim and I thought the scene was similar to a high school pep rally before a big game. Sort of um, I don't know- adolescent and lacking in dignity and respect. It DID actually frighten me a bit, I was really thinking: "Oh my God; these people are whackos!"

susan m said...

have you seen this from the AP? worth passing along.

E'l Roy said...

Thank you for sharing that link, Susan!

susan m said...

you're welcome, Emil! I was thinking of you while I drove home from art class tonight. I was listening to a replay of Palin's speech on the radio -- and you're right, her voice really is nasal. Doug remarked on it when we were watching TV but I didn't notice it as much. On radio... yikes.

Paida said...


I kept thinking I was crazy when I heard all the talking heads talk about what a "home run" that speech was! I don't know how anyone could call her inspirational!

That link was great Susan.

mark said...

I think the people calling her inspirational knew what was coming with McCain's speech. I mean, this guy can make his own POW story sound boring! They had to make hay while the (black) sun shined.

susan m said...

got another great link for you! I was wondering how much Sarah Palin paid for those stylish clothes ... still haven't found my answer (the RNC ain't talkin) but I did find this:

How much did Laura Bush, Cindy McCain's convention outfits cost?

Paida said...

Gee Susan with all those great links you're going to have to start your own blog!

I was going to wear those same $200,000 earrings to my 20th reunion that Cindy McCain was sporting at the convention, but I thought maybe they were a bit over the top...