Monday, September 01, 2008

Not Scared Yet?

Look what happens to journalist and Democracy Now! host Amy Goodman after she questions police about why two of her producers were arrested. This is madness. This is becoming more and more of a police state.

Glenn Greenwald wrote about the arrest today as well. He reports on a press conference the St. Paul mayor and police chief held where not surprisingly:

Interestingly, all of the standard journalists asked very police-sympathetic questions ("how much property damage was done? were all the criminals part of this same RNC Welcoming Group? How many police officers were injured (answer: none)), while all of the independent journalists -- such as those from the superb, intrepid site, The Uptake -- asked challenging and skeptical (i.e., real) questions.

After watching all the talking heads on the Sunday Mornings go on and on about what a scary choice Sarah Palin was... for OBAMA! not for the nation, I will believe anything. Those clowns are propagandists plain and simple.


E'l Roy said...

More from Amy HERE

family-of-five said...

thanks for all you do, lauren, here, at this site and about this election. over here in the uk I get coverage of what's going on, but what I DON'T get is the American media perspective, which, given their pandering propaganda, is half the story for me. I know I can always find the story-behind-the-story if I pop over here.