Monday, September 08, 2008

I'm a Bit Freaked Out

Seems like Josh Marshall has gotten a lot of emails from freaked out Democrats this morning. From the encounters I had this morning at school I would say yep, we are a bunch of worried people. His take on the race is definately worth a read. Here is how he ends it:

At several points over the last year, I've underestimated Obama's campaign. And I take it that their position now is that they're not going to get knocked off their game. Instead they're staying focused on the ground game in the dozen and a half states where they believe the race will be won or lost. That's difficult for someone in my position to evaluate. The messaging and air war is something that is inherently visible. The ground game is very difficult to evaluate because it's much more difficult to see. So we're left to take it on faith that they know what they're doing, without having much way of seeing for ourselves.

I certainly hope they do. But what I see is a campaign that is for some reason either unwilling or unable to take the initiative in the national messaging war. It's all reactive. And, yeah, that worries me.


Caroline said...

I think we Dems are incredibly insecure!! We rock and we're going to beat those assholes because we're just BETTER :) ohgod..I hope so!

susan m said...

I panicked early, got it out of the way, and am now channeling any remaining anxiety towards concrete actions to help the cause. It's not enough to be hopeful, and it's not enough to be better. (Remember VHS vs. Beta? Beta was better but VHS won the marketing wars.)

Anyway, you know the drill... volunteer for a voter registration drive, canvassing or phone bank; write letters to the editor; put a sign in your yard. It's going to take feet on the street and ballots in the box.

I'm going to ask Lauren's indulgence to contribute a few more links that have cheered me up and strengthened my resolve:

Oliver Willis: "Oh. That's Why I'm A Democrat."

Alone on a Limb wrote a similar piece in 2006 -- it still rings true and is worth reading: Why I Am A Democrat.

First Door on the Left posted some great cartoons.

Fact Check keeps both sides honest.

And this video -- I'm sure you've already heard what she says about community organizers, but I like the way she says it, and her kicker at the end.

Finally, it's always helpful to remember the things we can't control:

Yahoo News: 7 things to watch as the fall race kicks off.

HTH :-)

ma and pa otter said...

I am not exactly sure who Susan m is but I put two of her links on my blog because they're great. I feel like I have to spread the word in any way I can...everyone tell everyone...
I know that for the most part I am preaching to the choir but I do have some republicans in my life that may possibly be interested (hope)...
so thanks susan for more good stuff...
and thankyou Lauren for all the research you do for all of us!!

susan m said...

I met Lauren through Aaryn Belfer. I pop up every now and then, post a flurry of comments, and then go back to lurking. I'm a moderate Democrat working on my second political campaign for a Republican candidate, in a heavily Republican district. So I'm around a lot of conservatives and know how they think. If it weren't for Palin many of them would have stayed home this year, but now they're totally jazzed up. They're all volunteering for voter recruitment drives.

I don't think anyone is going to change their mind if they're already leaning towards the Republican ticket. This race will be about bringing in the independents, "Decline to State" voters, and new voters.

Paida said...

Thanks for all the links Susan. Keep posting them!

You anecdote reaffirms exactly what the pollsters have been saying: the Palin pick has sealed the deal with the base. You are right the key is getting out the vote.

susan m said...

I felt like I was hogging your blog, so I'm glad to hear it's OK to post a few every now and then. I'll try to show some restraint :-)

This one appeared in HuffPost yesterday:

Frightened by McCain's Post-Convention Bounce? Three Things You Can Do Personally To Affect the Outcome of the Election

I sent it to my neighbors in our little all-Dem complex, and they're heading out to do some voter registration today. I think people feel better when they know they can do something to help.