Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Annie, I Think This is What We Wanted

Annie and I had a conversation today on the phone about what we wanted to hear the Obama campaign people saying - I think this is pretty much it:

Oh yeah baby. Hit 'em hard.

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ma and pa otter said...

yeah baby!
right back at ya!

I also still really think we need farmers or Garrison Keeler types to come out and say in and ad... (sitting on the front porch of course)...

"My family had voted democrat for generations...then about 15 years ago I became a republican...convinced they were the ones who would save our farms, preserve our land, keep money in our pockets. I have never been so wrong. They are the party of strip malls and oil tycoons....Now I am a democrat once again. The party for and of the people. I hope its not too late.
Even this old dog can change. Change back!"

whatdya think?