Saturday, August 30, 2008

WTF was he Thinking?

Their internal polling must have been really bad for McCain to do something this desperate. She is a walking time bomb - or in the wise words of our friend Sam yesterday:

They think they are pulling a "Hail Mary", but really it is more like"Hara-Kiri"
(I do believe he made that up on the spot while talking to us...)

Or as Tbogg puts it:
The selection of Palin strikes me as a "stunt" nomination and an admission that even in the misty recesses of former prisoner of war John McCain's mind, he knows that he is truly fucked. Therefore the campaign seems to be hunting for the PUMA vote; the PUMA being a mythical creature with the body of a middle-aged woman and the head of an idiot. Palin's main claim to fame is that she doesn't kill babies but instead gives them hippy names like Track, Bristol, Willow, Piper, and Trig which falls in line with the Christian belief that we must suffer in this world before entering the next.


susan m said...

Yesterday I would have totally agreed. Today.. after spending almost the entire day reading various newspapers, magazines and blogs, both left and right... I think we're in for a real battle.

When I first heard the news I thought, "Yay! She'll bring out the liberal base!" Then I realized, "Oh **** she'll bring out the conservative base." This is Huckabee in high heels, and the pro-life religious right will do everything in their power to see that she gets elected.

At a restaurant tonight we were eavesdropping on the people at the next table (not hard to do, since they were talking very loudly) and they were gushing over Palin. They loved the picture of her with the dead caribou ("That was so great! So in-their-face!") and her toughness. They think she's "one sharp cookie." They love that the Republicans did something unexpected and "edgy," and might actually beat the Dems in getting a woman in the White House. They were lukewarm on McCain, but now they have someone they can get behind -- Annie Oakley in the halls of power, as Lisa Schiffren said in the Washington Post.

Sorry for the long comment, but I'm telling all my Dem friends and neighbors -- don't underestimate this one. McCain's choice was cynical, shrewd, and smart.

Paida said...

Thank you for the long comment and that is pretty depressing. The talking heads on TV sure loved her this morning. I couldn't believe it!

Never overestimate the American voter is a motto I should remember.