Friday, August 15, 2008

No to Evan Bayh

From the Facebook group, 100,000 Strong Against Evan Bayh for VP:

It's worth clarifying that Bayh's Iraq problem goes much further than casting the wrong vote, as many of his colleagues in the Senate did.

Ari Melber in the Washington Independent:

"Bayh not only voted for the war and embraced its neo-conservative rationale by chairing the Committee for the Liberation of Iraq, as a New York Times profile noted this week. He went further, taking the single most aggressive, pro-war position possible. The few Democratic co-sponsors of the White House Iraq resolution provide context for the kind of senators who shared Bayh's position at the time -- they include Joseph I. Lieberman (Conn), Zell Miller (Ga.) and John Breaux (La.).

This legislative approach was not only on the far end of the pro-war spectrum, it undercut the efforts of even pro-war senators to advance alternatives pressing disarmament over invasion."

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