Sunday, August 03, 2008

Nephew Countdown

It is looking increasingly likely that Rachel and Ben's baby will be born this week. Rachel's blood pressure has been high lately and the bed rest and medicine her doctor prescribed are not bringing it down enough. Obviously eclampsia is not something to mess around with, it might be time to get that boy out.

Selfishly, I can't wait for that boy to be born. I am so bummed that I am not in Iowa to see his little face right away. {However I am sure my mom will be sending photos as soon as she can!}


dkuroiwa said...

Good Lord! How does she does she do it? How does she look so damn good this far into her pregnancy? I've seen pictures of myself, of you and of, sorry...we all had a waaaay different look about us!! :-D
How exciting!! Sending good thoughts in her direction!!
They are just so damn cute, aren't they?!?!

ma and pa otter said...

rachel! you are a beautiful people maker!
awaiting the news with lots of good thoughts!

Caroline said...

Wow! So exciting....I hope everything is okay for Rachel (sure it will be)...I really want to know what's going on!! Lauren..keep us (blog) posted :)