Friday, August 08, 2008

Miles Robert Kennedy

Looking up at papa

August 7, 2008
6 pounds, 7 ounces
19 inches


ma and pa otter said...

and he looks just like his papa too!
wow, well done. the whole birth seems like it was very peaceful. (easy for me to say...ha!)
we will be wanting more pictures soon.
congratulations all around!

ma and pa otter said...

by the way, is that red hair?

dkuroiwa said...

Congratulations to the new mom and dad...and aunt and uncle and cousins..and grandparents!!! He is a doll...and yeah...I can see Ben in that face,too!! Please pass on our good thoughts!!
much love from the kuroiwas!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Mom and Pop, good job ROCK..and to AUNTIE LAUREN (it's a pretty amazing feeling isn't it, being an Auntie,.something new for us to share as well as being mommas L!!).

yey, yey, yey...can't wait to watch him grow..what a little ANGEL!

susan m said...

yay! another Democrat is born!! :-)

*congrats to all*

Leah said...

Congratulations! He is just beautiful. And what a lovely name. If we'd had a boy, we were going to go with either "Miles" or "Evan." What a beautiful boy!

Paida said...

Great minds think alike Leah - we were pretty close to naming Aida, Eva and if Pablo would have been a girl he definately would have been Eva.

jan in nagasaki said...

hey is that rachel's kid????

she and I shared a flight once and she helped out with a few of my kids.

my birthday is Aug. 7 too!!!!!