Saturday, August 09, 2008

Edwards, Edwards, Edwards

I was actually shocked to find out Edwards couldn't keep his pants on. When the story was only in the National Enquirer I actually thought it probably wasn't true. If it was true, there is no way in hell he would have run I reasoned. I sure reasoned that one wrong.

As he so often does, Josh Marshall explains my thinking on the matter better than I can:

But this decision on his part involved several overlapping betrayals. And the one that is very much a public matter is his betrayal of his supporters and, really, all Democrats nationwide -- one that continued at least until he dropped out in the spring. Edwards made a strong run for the presidency knowing full well that he was carrying on an affair, at least in the early stages of the campaign, which could come to light in the midst of the general election and fatally damage all Democrats' hopes for regaining the presidency. Just think how fun this weekend would be if John Edwards had won the nomination. Indeed, it seems clear that the aftermath of the affair was such that the chances of its coming to light were substantial. It's a level of recklessness and selfishness that I probably shouldn't but still do find shocking.
Elizabeth Edwards wrote a moving diary this morning on Daily Kos where she asks for privacy and pleads for the "voyeurism" to stop. I feel for her - I really do, however if Edward's time line of the affair is true she knew about the affair before he declared his candidacy. I don't know in what universe she lives in if she didn't realize that if this story got out - something that had a pretty good chance of happening - the shit was going to hit the fan for him and the whole family.
Thank God Obama won that is all I can say.


dkuroiwa said...

oh and I had such high hopes for Edwards, too! damn.
What the hell does these guys think? that they are untouchable? if they tell their wives about the's okay?!?! and if it was 2 years ago...what the hell was he doing at her house just last week...being photographed coming out of her house almost seems as if he wanted to get caught!
Added to the fact that Edwards wife is sick just makes this even more nauseating. bastard.

dkuroiwa said...

please disregard grammar mistakes...can't type when I'm disgusted!

susan m said...

It makes me sick to my stomach. These are the people who believe that they are qualified to lead our country? People who lie to themselves, to their wives? How could we ever hope that someone like that wouldn't lie to the public?

And some group of people -- his inner core of advisors and friends -- knew. You can't keep something like that secret for that long. So it wasn't just him and Elizabeth... others drank the Kool-Aid and thought he could get away with it. They still thought he was the best candidate, and that they could come away without mud on their shoes.

What does that say about us as a country? Are we that immoral, stupid, gullible and lazy? Is it taken for granted that we can be bought off with repentance and a cute face?

I am sad and sick.

mark said...

See? This is why we need a strong family man like John McCain in the White House.