Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Cousins Meet

Aida had a great trip yesterday evening all by herself on the airplane. She told us she had a lot of fun on the airplane with a brother and sister who were also traveling to Minneapolis to visit grandparents.

However meeting Miles was the thing she was most looking forward to. Like the hip 21st century grandmother she is, my mom sent these photos right after they met.


annette said...

Whoa- he IS so cute, really a perfect boy! Hope we'll bump into Aida- she's pretty cute, too.

Miles is the exact same weight and height as Ruby was when she was born.

Come see him, Lauren, so you can see us too!

-Annette Laitinen

Caroline said...

you told me this story earlier, that your Aida had gotten to meet your little nephew first!! awww...so cute...what lovely pictures...I can't imagine that you were able to keep your eyes dry with this one!!