Thursday, July 10, 2008

Whachu Talkin' About Willis?

Whachu Talkin About Willis?

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Annette said...


PERFECT title for that pic!

I'm posting a comment cuz I cannot figure out how to email you directly??? Am I a dork?

Anyhoo. . .are you going to be here too, (with cute Aida) on July 27th??? Here's to hoping, but I'll certainly take Aida if we cannot have her mama.

I've been enjoying your flickr pics SO MUCH- I LOVE the balance one.

Okeedokee- come see us and some serious Nordic Dancin' Sistah! HI EDUARDO!!!!

Annette (Laitinen) wife of Tim, mom to Ruby (since there IS actually more than one Annette in your life)