Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Change of Plans

202.365: Leaving on a Jet Plane.... Maybe not.

The kids were supposed to fly off to visit my parents in Iowa yesterday evening. At the last minute Pablo just freaked. A whole lotta drama at the gate. The man from the airport made it very clear he couldn't force Pablo on the plane and in the end Pablo was just too scared to get on. We were all so frustrated with him at the time - but he felt so bad about it and was just so scared that we all felt bad for him in the end. His poor sister was also very disappointed. She could have gone, but she literally had one second to make up her mind if she was going to get on the plane alone and it was too much for her.

As we were all eating fish tacos last night after the drama {and drinking a much needed beer} Pablo said, "I think I am just too young." It made me almost cry. After his 7th birthday last week I have been feeling he is just so big. I kind of realized I should enjoy him while we have him. Pretty soon he will be begging to get on airplanes.

This photo also made me almost cry. This is right at the gate and you can see on P's face that he is already a bit worried.

And a quick plug for Sun Country Airlines. If you are ever flying in or out of Minneapolis I highly suggest flying with them. We will have to pay a small fee - but can use the tickets up to a year and their customer service has been excellent.


daleth said...

Wow! We were thinking they were already eating delicious corn.
I imagine myself in your position, and probably I would made the same. Maybe he will be fine for next year,when he achieved independent small steps at home.
Saludos a Pablo.

ma and pa otter said...

oh lauren what a day...I feel for all three of you and I can completely see that happening to us too.
I, too, sometimes think of my boy as this big kid...older because he has an older sibling, and in our case, isn't the baby...I just kind of clump him in with an older age group...

I know when our girls were 7 and we still had little baby boys we treated "7" differently.
I know I expose Emmett to a lot more than I ever would have with Mac. (Poor Silas will be smoking cigarettes by his seventh b-day)

That is just a great blog post though...well written, awesome picture...and one of those real life stories that rings true for all!

(disregard the e-mail about your no-kid week..;)

dkuroiwa said...

Oh...I knew by the picture that something was not right.
What a day,huh? So sorry that you all went through that..but...better at the gate than at 16,000 feet!!!

I think that we all do that with our kids....they seem so big and then, we need something like that to remind us that, no, they are still too young for so much!
daleth is right, next year will probably be so very different.
And sometimes a change of plans is good....I know of what I speak!!
(it sucks at the time, the long run, you find positive points, too!!)
{{hugs}} to you all,