Friday, July 25, 2008

1. Shock, 2. Awe

Yesterday while we were eating dinner at Baja Fresh, {yum!} Eduardo says, "hey there's the guy from Heros." I thought he was joking but when I looked out the window there was this guy getting into a huge SUV right outside.

Our whole family loves that show. Last summer {why isn't NBC showing reruns this summer?} we watched it a lot. When things got violent Eduardo would change channels..... Anyway we were right by the window and as the wife was helping the kids in the back {a TOTALLY normally looking woman btw} she saw we were looking at them while smiling and giggling. As they were driving away I told Aida she could wave if she wanted and he slowed the car down and waved back. Pablo flashed him his famous "peace sign" which the actor flashed back. The kids were in TOTAL shock that a TV star acknowledged their presence. It was hilarious. Unfortunately my camera was in our car - but I ran out and got it and shot these of their still ecstatic faces.

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ma and pa otter said...

how cool is that.