Thursday, June 19, 2008

Where art thou Obama?

Obama really needs to step up to the plate on this FISA deal. Voting against it and releasing a statement against it is not enough. He is now the leader of the Democratic party - he could stop this thing if he wanted to. I don't think he would pay a political price for it. Americans may very well not care if we torture people from the Middle East {unfortunately}, but they do not want big telephone companies listening to their phone calls.

UPDATE: The great Jonathan Turley argued tonight on Olbermann that the Democratic leadership is covering their own asses - from a diary on Kos from BonDogBand:

Jonathan Turley makes the point that several years ago, certain top Dems were intimidated by Bush into quietly going along with Bush's illegal spying activities, and now those same Dems are afraid that they themselves could be held liable for any illegal spying committed by Bush and the Telecomm companies (Turley used the word "collusion".)

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