Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Oh What a Night

Personally I think Hillary overplayed her hand. Obama is not going to be scared into giving her the #2 spot. Yes, he has to win over her supporters - but I really don't think the majority of Hillary voters are following her over the cliff. She just sounds so bitter.

Someone on MSNBC last night said it was like if on Superbowl Sunday the game was over, the confetti had fallen, the trophy had been given out and the losing coach said, "no! it's not over!"


Anonymous said...

what a great and interesting night in politics. GOBAMA!

ze octopus said...

i have a lot of respect for the idea of 'never give up' but it comes sometimes as a ridiculous burden.
time to move on and construct. obama, please save the US from another 4 years of disgrace, violence and non-sense.

Aaryn said...

Congratulations! I know how excited you must be about this.

I was watching a minute of Larry King Live last night (my mother was here) and he had a journalist who was reporting from Clinton's speech area or whatever you call it. Everyone was gone but all these people were breaking down the stage and the chairs and the banners and the journalist was trying to talk over the noise of the dismemberment. It was sadly hilarious and very poignant.

Amy said...

How exciting !!

On a purely superficial note, I absolutely love that purple dress Michelle is wearing...and how the color of Barack's blue tie plays on it...and all the Blue of the Signs....great image !!