Friday, June 20, 2008

My First Obama Heartbreak

I was irritated that Obama was not being vocal enough in his nonsupport for the new FISA sham "compromise" - turns out he announced he actually decided to SUPPORT it. Big big bummer. We are not talking about some little pet issue - we are talking about whether or not the 4th amendment of the constitution is important or not.

That being said, tonight at Target when I saw a guy wearing an Obama T-shirt I realized I still am very excited about him becoming President. I just have to realize he is not perfect. He is not super progressive. He is in fact a politician. I am not trying to cop-out or give him a break. It is just that after celebrating his victory we progressives are still going to have to pay attention and make sure that we are applying pressure for our agenda. Someone's got to balance out the Jesus Freaks.

That being said, the politician I called yesterday, my Congresswoman Susan Davis, to urge her to vote against the new FISA bill did the right thing and voted against the bill. As many of you know she does not always vote the way I would like her to so I will give her some credit where credit is due.

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ma and pa otter said...

I really don't get it. Guessed this was coming but what a shame.