Thursday, June 26, 2008


These photos were taken by a friend of my parents while they were still in Michigan. I knew they had a lot of water in their basement, but these photos still shocked me:


susan m said...

oh no! Every time I heard the news about that area, I wondered how your parents house was. I hope they didn't lose anything that can't be replaced. I'm so sorry!

Leah said...

Whoa. That's intense, Lauren. I'm so sorry. How will they clean up from this? And are they on the Flats? Or did this water just back up from the sewers or what?

Paida said...

Thanks Leah. Yep they are on the Flats - on one of the closer streets to the river.

Luckily the water was "clean" not sewage like some of their neighbors had YUCK.

lydiafdc said...

Oh man!

Jo said...

Oh, that's just horrible.

And here we are just getting over a drought now here!

I think Mother Nature needs a cup of tea and a nice nap.