Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Calm Before the Storm

It is kind of a strange time in the campaign. I still can't quite believe the primaries are over. I am finding it strange not obsessing about Obama constantly.

Pretty soon I will start obsessing about the electoral college map - I am not quite there yet.


Anonymous said...

that's hilarious. "pretty soon I'll start obsessing about the electoral college map". I find it wierd that you're not obsessing too...how strange..what ARE you obsessing about ;)

You can join me for a brief couple of weeks in non-political obsession mode..then I know September will start and the campaigns will kick in ..and WATCH OUT!! We'll all be obsessing together.

p.s. McCain is an idiot!

ma and pa otter said...

that map of red freaks me out...wow, I think you just passed your obsession on to me. great, another one!

JoMacD said...

When you're ready, head over to www.fivethirtyeight.com - electoral projections done by a serious stats guy. He did seriously well on the primaries, and his latest projections are a LOT more hopeful than your map. You could even find it reassuring to have a quick pre-obsession visit :)