Sunday, May 25, 2008

Seven AM and Five PM

Seven AM

Five PM

Big soccer game for Aida today. 3 games in her first tournament with her new team. If she didn't love it so much I would find the intensity crazy - but jez she just loves it. When she started with her new team she was pretty far behind everyone else and we are pretty proud of how hard she has worked.

The cherry on top was they won second place and even won a medal.


lydiafdc said...

How exciting! You go, Aida!!

Caroline said...

YEEEEYYYYYYYY ..go Aida! Isn't it great when they find something they love..for Isabel it's horse riding..first jump this past weekend...go TEAM!

ma and pa otter said...

Aida you are just so cool in so many ways...Mac and I were talking about it the other rock!!