Sunday, May 04, 2008

Gas Tax Pander

I think the Gas Tax is going to end up hurting Hillary. It may give her a few points with the voters of Indiana, but I really think it is going to hurt her with super delegates.

Here is Daily Kos diarist Kid Oakland's take:

The gas tax pander isn't a bad idea because wonky people think it's bad policy. Though, in point of fact, wonky people overwhelmingly do. The gas tax pander is a bad idea because it perpetuates a mindset that will slowly destroy the United States economy and the innovation that made us the global leader in the 20th Century.

Green, renewable energy will be the economic engine of the 21st Century. It will not come easy, it will not come cheap or without sacrifice, and it will not come if we do nothing but politics as usual. We will not be innovators by accident. Change won't happen automatically or on the cheap.

Green, renewable energy, as the state of technology now stands, may not even be sufficient to steer our planet from the course we have followed for decade after decade. China is firing up coal plants faster than any nation in human history. China's coal reserves rival every nation in the world, even our own. We don't need mere science, we need diplomacy and effective statesmanship.

Given that, what do we need right now? What do we need to do?

What we need now, more than anything, is true leadership. Leadership based on honesty and courage.

The gas tax pander, as perpetrated by Hillary Clinton and John McCain is the opposite of that.

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ma and pa otter said...

i still cant comment on flicker but I love your portraits...really great...whovever anamarie is she should love that picture...and the poland t-shirt is still the best...remember I have the g-string!!

also, read the tom friedman article in the nytimes today? he's finally coming around. (schmuck that he is)