Thursday, May 29, 2008

Exibition Night at School

One of my favorite events at the kid's school is Exhibition night. We get to see all the cool stuff the kids have been working on.

Exhibition Night - Starry Night
Pablo showing his version of Starry Night.

Exhibition Night - James

Aida was James Marshall the man who discovered gold in California. Unfortunately for him, he died a poor and lonely man.


ellenmac said...

Pablo, I love your "Starry Night". I'm sure your Aunt Rachel will see it soon. She was crazy about Van Gogh when she was a teenager.
Aida, I have to look up this man you studied. A book I read recently made it very clear that the only people who made lots of money in the gold rush were the people who figured out what they could SELL to the people who came to town with the gold they had found.
Love from Grandma in Quebec.

daleth said...

Is that a "bigote", Aida?
I like Pablo's piece, very cool.