Saturday, May 24, 2008

At the Padres Game

Lets go Padres

Last night our friend we went to the Padres' game thanks to Tiveeda. We had a great time. Pablo once again showed his crazy personality by wearing 3 hats. He brought 2 and they were giving out one at the game.


dkuroiwa said...

What was in the tundra?!?! What happened to SanDiego's perfect weather?? hats and sweatshirts??? WTF!?!?!
At least...did the Padres win??

Minchul said...

Hi! Lauren.
Long time no see!
I'm missing U and San Diego..
I am also forgeting how to speak English..
I hope we will meet again!
Take care~:)


ellenmac said...

Debbie, don't be surprised that Lauren didn't post the score. I remember her coming home from a HS football game and not knowing who won the game.

lydiafdc said...

Ry is so much like little P, he is always walking out the door with 2 or 3 hats ;)