Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I really don't get why the wife always stands up there by her husband?

Here is a question for all the spouses up there - would you? I guess you can never know, but I really can not imagine I would. I mean he JUST slept with that woman a month ago.


Pepe said...

Last month? How about the last 10 years!

ellenmac said...

No way, and he knows it!!!

Paida said...

What I meant Pepe is that it is not something he did a LONG time ago that they have already worked through...

dkuroiwa said...

I'm thinking that 1) oh...she'll get something out of this...lots of stuff I'm sure, lot's of green stuff to spend and 2) she's probably remembering all the times she scoffed at passes from men at parties because of her lousy SOB of a husband and she's probably already trying to remember numbers to call.
Thought bubble above her head: "you. are. such. a. dick."
Yes...makes me so proud of the American political system. sheesh.

ze suis said...

he's a dog.
i don't think that there is anything for her to 'work with', the guy is sick and needs help, medical help. i can't imagine she can work with the idea that he was fu#@$! a kid about the age of their daughter.
she is his wife and should stand by her sick husband, but he needs help ... serious help.
i blame the individual and not the party he belongs to.

Paida said...

I really don't think he needs medical help...

You really think any guy who goes to a hooker should get medical help?

Personally I don't care who he sleeps with - I frankly think he is just stupid to get caught.

ze suis said...

well 'anyone' is a bit broad. that particular guy, with the political actions he stands for, with his wife, with his daughter ... yes, i think _he_ needs medical help.
sorry, i can't respect a guy that does that to his family and friends. just can't.

as for the rest of us ... i might need myself a massage! ~8-)

susan m said...

I'm with dkuroiwa... when the TV cameras have moved on, she's going to divorce him. Standing by him now gets her more than 50% of community property later.

mark said...

"i can't imagine she can work with the idea that he was fu#@$! a kid about the age of their daughter."

I'm always wary of this argument. The prostitute is 22 and fully, completely of legal age. What, I wonder, is an appropriate age difference between sexual partners, barring illegal combinations? Should Eliot (or anyone else) only bang 40-year-old prostitutes? Fifty? Your comment suggests that, what, because this prostitute is four years older than Spitzer's eldest daughter, he could somehow have the same attraction to his daughter? If not that, what? I mean, what's the point? This prostitute looks like she could just as well be 30 as 22. Would you be as riled if that were the case?

Leah said...

I completely disagree with my husband (Mark) on this point. Her age DOES make a difference to me; it's repulsive to think that he would sleep with a girl who's only a few years older than his daughter. He's just such a hypocrite.

Frankly, I'd have a VERY hard time standing by my husband in this situation. It seems like another case of the sexist "stand-by-your-man-at-any-cost" philosophy that so many political wives feel compelled to follow. In this case, she's already given up a career to stand in his shadow; maybe it's time she stood on her own.

But as a mother and wife, I also realize that nothing is simple. I suppose you can find yourself sacrificing things for the father of your children that you never thought you would.

mark said...

I'd wager, Leah, you'd not be so incensed were Spitzer a woman with a younger lover. I wonder why that is...?

ma and pa otter said...

buying women is gross.

Eduardo said...

Well, well, we do not really know what was going on between these two people. May be she's a lesbian and they do not sleep together since 5, 7, years ago. May be the poor guy does not have the time to start another relation, may be they decided to be together for the sake of their kids and have a separate lives.

The main point here is that, that's a personal issue betweent these two people. It's really a shame that this guy is steping down because he was with a Prostitute. The guy had a crusade against the big corporations in Wall street and because he needed some sex we fired him, who cares besides his family and his wife.

About the prostitute Serge, c'mon that woman is not a teenager, she does not look like a teenager. I think the age difference is bad until certain age, And I think in a normal girl 22 yrs is still young but also depends of the kind of life that woman had had. This woman had enough experience.

There's common in Japanese businesman to go with prostitutes and talking with some of them, their argument is that is better to go with a prostitute than to have an affair. They spend long time away from their families and they argue that having an affair affects them emotionally and it could affect the family as well (especially the kids).

And Yes, I agree to buy women is gross but it's the most ancient profession also.

Paida said...

I can really see both sides of the argument. Yes, buying women is gross - however does it mean he shouldn't be governor anymore? I am not convinced.

I think there is probably something in the genetic make-up of men who are power hungry that make them much more likely to do this sort of thing.

I actually have no idea what the emotional impact of being a prostitute is. Are they all victims? Even the "high class" ones? Honestly, I have no idea.

I do know that there are very few politicians who have taken on power like Elliot Spitzer. On the other hand I know from my sister that as a governor he has made a lot of enemies and has a reputation for being super elitist.

One thing is for sure. Going to a prostitute for me is fairly low down on the list of sins that politicians are currently engaged in - destroying the planet, starting wars, trying to outlaw abortion etc, etc, etc

Martihuerta said...

Ay Eduardo...que comentarios los tuyos, comprar sexo es ilegal... y el era fiscal contra delitos de prostituciĆ³n, antes de ser gobernador. Osea que se moridiĆ³ la lengua.

I think to be a politician's wife is different world than a normal wife.

Even if I would like to do it, I don't think my husband would be happy if I go and defend him with his bosses, like politician wives do when spouses try to have position or to look nice myself in order to get him a job, in these cases politician are happy when the wives are (there) talking in their behalf.
Politician's wives know that at some point they have to do this kind of humiliating things, maybe thinking that for them that would not happen, and before that, wives are super-happy having the treatment of "first-lady".

Probably it is an "understood" agreement that if they don't stand in public with husbands, then, they don't get anything from the divorce or else.

I don't think this is new for her, c'mon, years of marriage and not suspecting little husband goes with girls...The bad thing is that they didn't work out this before it was public.

Anyways I feel sorry for her, I don't think a woman wishes anything like this to a fellow-gal.

Martihuerta said...

That was me...

Martihuerta said...

Lauren, most comments ever, uh?
I guess he could be still governor if prostitution were not ilegal.

ze suis said...

wow, those are lot of comments.
edu -i don't buy that argument that in other cultures it is permissible. you know, in radical muslim cultures female genital mutilation is still current ... that's unacceptable too, to me. that prostitute is an adult, i agree and by no means i'm questioning her behavior ... it is spitzer's that i question and don't approve.
it is a big deal: it is not because he did some good things that it gives him the right the break the law. na. resignation is ok with me.
it is not because some say that i'm a good dad that it gives me the right to run red lights ... does it?
his wife, sorry, i'll go with what seems natural to me: presumption of innocence until proven guilty ... common sense in developed countries. it is very coward to say that she must be guilty of something.
and no, i don't feel any attraction for kids my daughter's age ... the sick part would be to pay for it!
ze serge

Amy said...

Did you guys catch the op-ed in the New York Times called "Stand By Yourself" by Dina Matos McGreevy, the wife of James McGreevy the former Mayor (came out as gay) of New Jersey ? It may answer your question of why Spitzer's wife stood next to him...its good. I will try to tag the link, but not sure I will be successful at it, its worth a google search to read.

mark said...

"I actually have no idea what the emotional impact of being a prostitute is. Are they all victims? Even the "high class" ones? Honestly, I have no idea."

Lauren, check this out.

Anonymous said...

wow..this is great reading..and I'm going to comment once I'm on vacation in a few hours!