Saturday, March 01, 2008

Clinton v Obama: the AD war.

Clinton starts with this, right from the Republican play book - it's scary out there!:

Less than 24 hours Obama fights back:

Boom! - Obama is almost as good a kung foo fighter as Lydia!


dkuroiwa said...

Oh Man but Obama ROCKS!!! This is the first election in a very long time that I have been so excited about...catching all these ads off YouTube...Obama just gives me shivers (the good kind...Hillary..the bad kind!)!!!
Oh and by the way...have been looking for the "Obama loves Obama" t-shirts for you...the big Obama City is in northern Japan, but Kiyoshi thinks that our little Obama (with the awesome onsens!!) might have the shirts too!! I'll keep you posted!!!
Have a great day!!

Amy said...

Nice comeback...judgement, and common sense...that's what we need!

Paida said...

Debbie - I bet that cowboy hat shot of him gave you shivers - being a former Texan yourself!