Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Who Cares???

I really don't give a sh#% about steroids and baseball. I would much prefer it if Congress would spend their time defending the Constitution, giving us all health care, and getting out of Iraq thank you very much.


mark said...

I'm thankful that at least Congress has the ability to go after some of the world's cheats and liars, even if it's not the right cheats and liars.

Paida said...

I disagree - it bugs me when they only go after people with no political constituency. It takes no balls to go after drugged up baseball players.

That being said the House voted to hole Miers and Bolton in contempt. Give credit where credit is due.

ze outraged said...

i rather have the government spend my tax dollars on issues that are relevant.
i also don't give a poop on asteroids nor baseball .... yeah, i know i misspelled _steroids_ in purpose just to show how little i care.
cheaters and liars like that should simply go to criminal justice and pay the court/lawyer fees.

daleth said...

Yes, I agree, there are much bigger liars than those.