Thursday, February 21, 2008

Giving a Hand to Her Bro

Givin' a hand to the bro

Of course they were screaming at each other seconds earlier...

Funny seeing Aida in pink again. As many of you know, from age 2-6 literally almost every piece of clothing she owned was pink. {she pretty much refused to wear anything else so it was just easier that way}

Then suddenly about 2.5 years ago; no. more. pink.

On Sunday night Aida and I did a bit of clothes shopping. She got to pick out two pairs of leggings and after picking the predictable green pair she said, "I'll take the pink". She got to pick out 2 skirts too, but since they only had brown and pink in her size that choice was easy.


Caroline said...

cute pink girl. Funny aren't they??those brother/sister relationships. I think our girls are going to really look after the boys as they grow up...even if they are going to find each other really irritating a lot of the time :)

dbowlus said...

As you know - I LOVE PINK!!! I love to embrace my inner-pink-freak :~)