Friday, January 11, 2008

Slip of the Tongue ?

From, via Atrios:

It was probably a slip of the tongue by President Bush, who continued his Middle East tour by arriving in Kuwait today. During a roundtable interview with Arab journalists before leaving Washington, he made a curious statement while he was lauding political reforms by pro-U.S. rulers in the conservative Gulf countries. "You know," he said, "women are now very active in the Kuwaiti parliament." Well, no woman has ever been elected to the Kuwaiti parliament.
Note to our pathetic press corps: a slip of the tongue is when you say something to your husband like; "Can you imagine I got these boots for only $159?". A slip of the tongue is not when you are so fucking stupid that you don't know our best buddies in the Middle East didn't allow people without penises to vote until 2005. Yes, some women have run for parliament - but none have been elected.

Why do they always make excuses for our lame-ass leader?


lydiafdc said...

i don't know?

dkuroiwa said... you do know that I am the "political black sheep" of my family, right? Everytime i question something that the "president whose name will not be spoken" has doen that is incredibly stupid, i feel as if he has his own spin doctors working in my family. How much more stupidity must this man show before the rest of the country see what we do?!?!?! What is it about him that keeps people thinking he is so f($*&$ing great!!
Maybe just for shits and grins I'll ask some members of my family about this and just see what they have to least the "tap dance" will be entertaining!!