Thursday, January 03, 2008


365: Day 7  OOOOOOOObama!

{Update: I need to add that while I was out celebrating, my fantastic and devoted husband stayed at home feeding, entertaining and finally putting our lovely children to sleep}

Tiveeda, Lydia and I went to the W hotel in downtown San Diego tonight for the Obama campaign's Iowa Caucus results event. We were part of a big and very excited crowd. His speech was amazing and for the first time in a long time I feel more than slightly optimistic about the future of my country.

As for my home state of Iowa - you rock Iowa voters.


lydiafdc said...

That was a great "moment"...I am now an "Obama Mama" it!

ps...the coffee, cake & conversation afterwards was fun too.

Amy said...

Hey Ladies...let me know the next time you go to an event like this...I will join a fellow Obama Mama !

Paida said...

OK Amy! Actually I think Lydia does have something planned....

Caroline said...

I wished I could have joined..sounds like it was amazing. And I LOVE that Huckabee won..hahahahaha...very funny.

lydiafdc said... plan is to save the evening of Feb 5...more to come!

pepe said...

I know how you convinced Pollo to stay:
L: "Baby, there's beer on the fridge"
P: "Oh, great!... Do you want me to open one for y...?"
L: Swoooosh! (door slams, engine's on, wheels churn) "See ya, s___er!"

Christina said...

Let me know too!

Another Obama-MAMA in San Diego! If I can spring free of the kidlet I would love to join you on 2/5. I got the email about the celebration on 1/3 but that was my birthday so I had other plans :-)

email is