Thursday, January 17, 2008

Male Sexist Pig

Chris Matthews is an ass.

Media Matters documents much of his chauvinism here.  One example:

MATTHEWS (3/23/07): OK, it's Friday afternoon, OK? But I have watched that economic bulletin there. But let me just tell you -- the next time the producer has to choose between a picture of more of Margaret Brennan and that oil derrick, that offshore oil derrick, stay on Margaret Brennan, OK?


MATTHEWS: She's a beautiful woman. She's a very bright reporter. She makes us feel good. I am sick of looking at that offshore oil drill. It drives me crazy. Bring back Margaret! Thank you, dear! Thank you! Back by popular demand! Happy Friday! And she's 6 feet tall, besides. You're gorgeous, and I hate that oil drill. I hate the oil drill. Do you want to comment on that?

h/t Atrios


mark said...

Boys will be boys!

lydiafdc said...

Total and complete P-I-G. Can't watch him...never could.