Monday, January 21, 2008

Horse's Ass

There is a great diary on Daily Kos by Barbin MD on what a huge ass-hole newly hired New York Times columnist William Kristol is:

Actually, saying he's wrong doesn't even begin to describe the mendacity of William Kristol. Here is a man who wasn't satified with the deaths of 2,996 people on September 11th, instead claiming that more than 6,000 died in his own bloodlust for Saddam Hussein. A man who used the horrible images of people leaping to their death from the World Trade Center to justify soldiers possibly dying in Iraq. Who dismissed the strain fighting two wars would have on our military forces as walking and chewing gum, because after all, it would only last a few weeks or months. And who ignored history in rejecting the possibility that Iraq would be torn apart by sectarian strife.

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