Monday, January 14, 2008


3 brothers, E & P

One branch of Eduardo's father's family moved to Ensenada from Mexico City more than 30 years ago. When Eduardo was at University there he became reacquainted with them. Yesterday we went for a family birthday party.

The three guys around Eduardo and Pablo are three of Eduardo's late father's cousins. They are 3 of 10 - the man on Eduardo's right was one of his dad's best buddies, the 2 on the left are not so much older than Eduardo.


Caroline said...

What a great family picture..and such interesting faces...especially love the guy with the hat!!! :)

daleth said...

Se nota que el pollo no comió frijoles.

daleth said...

Dice Pepe que no entiende el sentido de mi comentario...para que no queden dudas se refiere a que el pollo se ve chiquilín comparado con los demás, consecuencia de que no comia bien.