Sunday, December 16, 2007

If You Are Still Not Sure Lieberman is A Horse's Ass...

For all the Democratic politicians who endorsed Lieberman last summer, or didn't do anything for Lamont - this ones for you:

Democratic and Republican sources say that Sen. Joe Lieberman, the independent Democrat from Connecticut and fierce supporter of the war in Iraq, will formally endorse Sen. John McCain tomorrow in New Hampshire.

A McCain spokesperson declined to comment.

A source familiar with the endorsement said that the two will appear of NBC's Today Show tomorrow morning and at a town hall meeting in New Hampshire.
My only question is why the hell is he CHAIRPERSON of the Homeland Security Committee?? Why wasn't he stripped of that position a long time ago?

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Anonymous said...

I KNOW...what the hell!!!!!!! What a frickin' idiot. I wanted to call you when I read that he was endorsing McCain. yup..he's the biggest horse's ass that ever lived.