Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Thanks Caroline

Caroline took me out on the town last night - well actually the town of Solana Beach - to see the wonderful and wacky Jonathan Richman. I have to admit that I had never heard of him before Caroline posted a YouTube video of him a while back. I now know he has quite a cult following, and now I know why.

The above video is him playing my favorite song of the evening, I was Dancing in the Lesbian Bar, at the Knitting Factory in New York earlier this year.

Love his moves. {not as much as Caroline loves them though.....}


Caroline said...

all I can say is he is THE MAN! in all his freaky, depressed/happy manic, crazy, lovely, sweetness.

Caroline said...

ohhh..you're killing me...I love him!!! Yup..I could be crazy about Bono, about Javier Bardem, about anyone..but NO...I choose Jonathan Richman (okay...Clooney and Figo.....you can be my men on the "side").

lydiafdc said...

Wow...you really do like him, Caroline. Sorry I missed the show, but with pottery and a PSA mtg this week, Shawn would have gone over the edge with me gone Mon too...next time I'm in :)