Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Lovely Part of my Day

I just love that first sip of fresh coffee.


mark said...

Me too! Especially when I mix a little Wild Turkey in there. Mmmm.

Deb Abramson said...

Me three!

Although my capacity for volume has diminished significantly over the years. I used to drink an entire pot of coffee every single morning.

These days, sometimes all I have is that first sip. (Thankfully, my husband is a total coffee slut, so none of it goes to waste.)

dkuroiwa said...

I agree, Lauren. In the morning, while no one else is awake, I can actually sit and savor at least the first cup...and on a Saturday afternoon, if I'm not driving anywhere, I've been known to add a bit of kahlua!!! Now THAT is a good way to finish up a day!!!
Happy Holidays...oh...Christmas cards??? No...sorry..didn't happen. Will e-mail soon.
much love and hugs all around!!

ellenmac said...

I've had to leave my caffeine days behind, but a good cup of decaf can be a joy also. Must be a good (fair trade if possible) dark roast, fresh ground and served with half and half.

Anonymous said...

I love it..you are a true coffee addict...and that reminds me..I have a little something for you! :)

My preference is always for a little lovely whipped froth on top...a la ...a capuccino

peps said...

that, and a frothy guinness draught!