Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Hyper Focusing

One of my goals for the coming year is to learn as much as I can about photography. The smartest things I have done so far is order an instructional DVD about the D40. It is not the most captivating watch - but I learned a lot in under an hour.

Learning about "focal distance"

This photo of Pablo's new Lego Jedi Fighter {thanks Grandma!} is one of my favorites so far. I was practicing getting somethings in the photo focused, while having others blurry. This is one of the few that actually came out how I planned.


mark said...

Before you spend any more money on DVDs, avail yourself of all the excellent free resources available online. Flickr groups are a really nice source of info, particularly by camera model. Go join all the D40 groups you can find and soak it all in.

Paida said...

Good advice Mark - you might not know just how much of a beginner I was a few days ago - I didn't even know what aperture was.

But I think the one D40 DVD is enough. I like that they can explain the features while I am holding and exploring the menu - much easier for me than the manual.

However the DVD will soon go on the shelf - Flickr is forever...