Saturday, December 22, 2007

File this Under "Huh?"


Tony Blair, who often kept his religious views private while serving as Britain's prime minister, has converted to Catholicism, officials said Saturday.

Tony Blair, with Pope Benedict XVI in June 2007, converted to Catholicism on Friday.

Blair, who had long been a member of the Church of England, converted to the Catholic faith during a Mass held Friday night at a chapel in London, the Catholic Church said. ends their article with this tidbit:
Britons often are surprised by people who openly and fervently discuss their religious views, and the degree to which faiths such as evangelicalism can influence U.S. politics.
To which my sister added: "yeah me too."

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Anonymous said...

hilarious..yes..the tidbit is true... in england churches are for weddings, funerals and when they're beautiful and old..for taking a tour of...