Monday, December 31, 2007

Deep Thought of the Day

Actually of the year since this very well may be my last post of 2007.

In the future when I look back over my {hopefully} long life will I romanticize the years of the Bush Administration? Will I think it was a terrible time, but it was a period where my comrades and I were unified against a force we knew was evil? With the Bill Clinton there were so many shades of gray, with Bush it is black and white.

I realize this kind of assumes that the Bush Administration will be the worst President of my lifetime. Unfortunately, I have no way of knowing whether this will be true or not. I do know that during the summer of '06 our dear Lucy Homestead, less than a year before her death, told me that with out a doubt he was the worst President of her eighty-seven years.

I hope someday I will be eighty-seven and think the same.

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