Wednesday, December 19, 2007

CNN Reports the Truly Pressing Issues of Our Time

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What will you tell kids about Britney's sister?


ma and pa otter said...

Way way way cool template, colors and the font is excellent...much easier to read. Your photos will look excellent!

Paida said...

Actually Annie you inspired me to play around with it. I hated that my old template shrunk the size of the photo {I know you feel the same way!}

I just kept previewing ones until I found one that was wide enough and had a bigger header.

I finally figured out that only the ones that have the word "stretched" in the title are wide enough.

I also wrote down the my old colors from my old template before changing.

Anonymous said...

You know, I was actually thinking about this very question a couple days ago, before JLS's news broke. How do I explain to my daughter why it's not cool to be pregnant at 16? Assuming you feel the same way, Lauren, how have you done it? Do they just figure it out on their own? I'm at a loss.

Paida said...

Hopefully my kids will have as many babysitting opportunities as I did when I was 16. Nothing like a few poopy diapers to take the romance out of motherhood.

lydiafdc said...

Thankfully Ry came along for Indi and she now knows the "work" involved...he was not an "easy" baby.

ze outraged said...

spears who???
god, even in france it is a big deal ~>8-L
lauren, let me disagree: even if kids have to change stinky diapers … i don’t think it is enough to make them understand well the issue _before_. i vote for a talk in the pre-teenage years.

let’s talk! says a young dad of a 16yo girl… boy, you should see the look in her face when i come and say: "we need to talk". i think, that, is the most powerful tool of education.